About Us

GreenTech Cement is the industry leader in high performance, fast setting reduced carbon cements and powders. We are proudly Australian owned and operated. Greentech Cement offer a vast range of product knowledge and manufacturing expertise.

We are a solutions company. Our base technologies give us the technical advantage to be able to customise products to suit our clients needs that are not always available off the shelf. GTC want to help you, the client, to access the best available material, as a fit for use.

We are proud of the fact that a great majority of the products we offer, or develop enables the marketplace to source high performance, sustainable materials. We are concerned about future generations and the current impact of climate change. If GTC can offer the best products, with a proven cost benefit, and reduce green house gas levels at the same time; then, this is why we’re here.

We are already armed with an understanding of what is required to succeed, who we are and where we are going, the focus is now why are we going to keep doing it?

We are good at what we do and we want the whole world to benefit from it.

Meet our Board and Management


Michael Archer

Managing Director

25 years industry experience in cement technology, R & D, manufacturing & mechanical design.

Michael Williamson

Non-Executive Chairman

35 years experience in environmental engineering, water and project management, experienced board member.

David Pope

Non-Executive Director

Experienced in health, safety, quality and environment and leading large business teams.

Henk Ludik

Non-Executive Director

A mining engineer, with experience in project development, operations management, financial markets and ESG. Served on a number of public, private and NGO boards as Chairman and Non-Executive director.

Tamara Barr

Company Secretary

Tamara brings over 20 years’ experience practicing as a Company Secretary and Corporate Governance Advisor across a variety of corporate sectors and industries. She has worked predominantly in Australia, as well as in the UK and Europe, providing service to ASX listed, Public and NFP companies.

Tamara is a Fellow Company Secretary with Governance Institute of Australia (GIA).


Gunther Benkenstein

Engineering Manager

Experienced in project engineering and implementation, R & D, Cement chemistry, documentation and quality control.

Luke Driver

Operations Manager

16 years experience with Si Powders in process technology, constituent chemistry, production, inventory and logistics management.

Sandy Archer

Business Manager

19 years’ experience in business management, administration, developing quality management systems and HR.

Our History